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 Unpacking Tools + Tut

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PostSubject: Unpacking Tools + Tut   Mon May 24, 2010 10:45 am

Greetings RZoners Very Happy:
Due to EP5 is on development
some of us need some unpacking tools
some viruses will be detected because
its a hacking tools.

hope this help guys

Rapidshare CH2008vol1_UDS.part1.rar CH2008vol1_UDS.part2.rar CH2008vol1_UDS.part3.rar

Megaupload DA76CBE1 XT778EOF YUCH4O2L

Me, myselfn and who made this tutorials..👍

-****** Templates
-DUP Skin
-uPPP Skin

-Ollydg FLD patch [AoRE]
-AoRE Scripts

-AoRE UnPack Tools v2.0
-AoRE Unpacker 0.4
-AoRE unThemida 1.0
-AoRE UnThemida 2.0
-AoRE UPX Unpacker v1.0

Tutorials : 2 language : English and Arabic:
-Unpacking CrypToCrackPeProtector v0.9.3
-Unpacking DotFix NiceProtect v2.2
-Unpacking Drony Protect v3.0 and Luck007 v2.7
-Unpacking MoleBox Pro
-Unpacking MoleBox v2.6 [Extracting Embedded Files]
-Unpacking YZPack v1.1
-Introduction to Unpacking
-Unpacking ASPack
-Unpacking NeoLite v2.0
-Unpacking Unnamed Scrambler v2.0
-Unpacking VPacker v0.02.10
-Unpacking WinUpack v0.39
-Unpacking Yodas Protector v1.03.3

Video :
-Unpacking 12311134
-Unpacking ABC Cryptor
-Unpacking ACProtect v2.0
-Unpacking ACprotect v2.0 (Stolen Code Restoration)
-Unpacking AHpack v0.1
-Unpacking Alex Protector
-Unpacking Alloy v4.3.21.2005
-Unpacking Anti 007 v2.5
-Unpacking AntiDote v1.4
-Unpacking ARM Protector v0.3
-Unpacking Armadillo and UPX
-Unpacking Armadillo v2.5
-Unpacking Armadillo v4.10 (minimum)
-Unpacking Armadillo v4.42 (Code Splicing)
-Unpacking Armadillo v4.44 (Debug Blocker)
-Unpacking AsCrypt v0.1
-Unpacking ASDPack v2.0
-Unpacking ASProtect v1.2 (1)
-Unpacking ASProtect v1.2 (2)
-Unpacking AverCryptor v1.0 (1)
-Unpacking AverCryptor v1.0 (2)
-Unpacking BeRoEXEPacker v1.0
-Unpacking BJFNT v1.3
-Unpacking C.I. Crypt v0.1
-Unpacking C.I. Crypt v0.2
-Unpacking CDS SS v1.0 Beta1
-Unpacking Celsius Crypt v2.1
-Unpacking Crunch v5.0
-Unpacking CrypToCrack PE Protector v0.9.3
-Unpacking Cryptx v1.0
-Unpacking DalKrypt v1.0
-Unpacking dePack
-Unpacking DexCrypt v2.0
-Unpacking DotFakeSigner
-Unpacking DragonArmour
-Unpacking Escargot v0.1
-Unpacking Exe32Pack v1.42
-Unpacking EXEEvil v1.0
-Unpacking ExeFog v1.1
-Unpacking ExeShieldUltraEdition v1.41 (Anti Dumping)
-Unpacking ExeStealth v2.76
-Unpacking eXPressor v1.3.0.1
-Unpacking EZIP v1.1
-Unpacking fEaRz Crypter v1.0
-Unpacking FSG v2.0
-Unpacking G!X Protector v1.2 (1)
-Unpacking G!X Protector v1.2 (2)
-Unpacking GHF Protector
-Unpacking Gie Protector v0.2
-Unpacking HidePX
-Unpacking hmimys Protect v1.0
-Unpacking ID App Protector v1.2
-Unpacking JDPack v1.01
-Unpacking JDProtect v0.90
-Unpacking KaOs PE-DLL eXecutable Undetecter
-Unpacking Kkrunchy v0.23
-Unpacking Luck007 v2.7
-Unpacking MFKPack (1)
-Unpacking MFKPack (2)
-Unpacking Minke v1.01
-Unpacking Molebox v2.3
-Unpacking Mortal Team Crypter
-Unpacking MPress v0.77
-Unpacking Mr Undectetable v1.0
-Unpacking Mucki Protector2
-Unpacking NakedPacker v1.0
-Unpacking NOmeR1
-Unpacking NoNamePacker
-Unpacking NoodleCrypt v2.0
-Unpacking NsPack v3.7
-Unpacking Obsidium v1.2
-Unpacking Open Source Code Crypter v1.0
-Unpacking Orien v2.11
-Unpacking Pack v4.0
-Unpacking PC Shrinker v0.71
-Unpacking PeBundle v3.20
-Unpacking PeCompact v2.79
-Unpacking PEDiminisher v0.1
-Unpacking PEncrypt v4.0
-Unpacking Pepsi v2.0
-Unpacking Perplex PE Protector v1.01
-Unpacking Pestil v1.0
-Unpacking PeStubOEP v1.6
-Unpacking PeX v0.99 (1)
-Unpacking PeX v0.99 (2)
-Unpacking Pohernah v1.0.3
-Unpacking PolyBox v1.0
-Unpacking PolyENE v0.01
-Unpacking QrYPt0r
-Unpacking RCryptor v2.0
-Unpacking ReCrypt v0.74
-Unpacking ReCrypt v0.80
-Unpacking RLPack v1.15-v1.16
-Unpacking RPolyCrypt v1.4
-Unpacking Russian Cryptor v1.0
-Unpacking Sexe Crypter v1.1
-Unpacking Shrinkwrap v1.4
-Unpacking Simple Pack v1.21
-Unpacking SLVc0deProtector v0.60
-Unpacking Software Compress(LITE) v1.4
-Unpacking SPLayer v0.08
-Unpacking Ste@lth PE v1.01
-Unpacking SVKP v1.43
-Unpacking telock v0.99
-Unpacking Tubby Crypt v1.1.0
-Unpacking The Best Cryptor
-Unpacking UnderGround Crypter v1.0
-Unpacking unkOwn Crypter v1.0
-Unpacking uPolyX v0.5
-Unpacking UPX
-Unpacking UPXLock v1.0
-Unpacking VCrpyt 0.9b
-Unpacking Virogen Crypt v0.75
-Unpacking WindofCrypt v1.0
-Unpacking WinKrypt v1.0
-Unpacking WWPack32 v1.20
-Unpacking XCR v0.13
-Unpacking XXPack v0.1
-Unpacking YZPack v1.1
-Unpacking YZPack v2.0
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Unpacking Tools + Tut

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