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PostSubject: RULES   Sun May 16, 2010 5:44 pm

Notice:The Administrators/Moderators of this forum take no responsibility or liability for anything that happens as a result of reading and/or downloading anything from this forum.

* The only language spoken/written on this forum is ENGLISH
* Please post in relevant sections. Posting in wrong section more then twice will get an warning.
* No topic hijacking (going off topic). Respect other members threads.
* Bumping threads is not allowed.
* Flaming, Spamming, Rudeness, Racism, Discrimination will not be tolerated.
* Information is crucial so always add it to Your post (screenshots, if available, as well).
* All links within your post must be coded internal and external links.
* If You want to add a reply to Your topic, please use the EDIT button instead of making double-posts.
* Do not post Pornographic (image, text, video, links, passwords, etc...) will result in immediate ban.
* Do not post hacking utilities flooders, spam tools, Virus making tools/tutorials, or anything that can do damage.
* All Requests must be in appropriate section or they will be trashed.
* You must comply with all of the rules above while using PM, Avatar, Signature functions.
* Arguing, swearing, Insulting, and or criticizing any staff member will get you an immediate Warning.
* Signature's height cannot be greater than 200 pixels
* Political or Religious debates are not allowed.
* Upload Images on TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting.
* Do not mini-mod. We encourage and thank members to use the report button. Report dead links by clicking this icon in the post
* First check links and then post. If you post Mass of Dead Links, you will be Warned!
* Do not spam. If purposely registering on this board to advertise 'pills' and such...Immediate Ban!!
* Double post isn't allowed, unless Its to Update a Thread.
* Do not double post with same links that are already posted. (Remember?...the search feature?)
* Link Protection isn't allowed!
* Duplicate post with same links not allowed
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