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 [Share/Dev] Ep4 Server Files Korea Version

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PostSubject: [Share/Dev] Ep4 Server Files Korea Version   Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:25 am

Here is the files that master Eifel shared here
it is for those who did not get a chance to Dl them
because of SOMEONE who deleted them
let us continue this dev
we just need the support from bossing Eifel ^^ - AgentServer.rar - FieldServer.rar - CFG .rar - SessionServer.rar - game .rar - RZcheck.rar - Officialserver launccher.rar - glogicserver.rar - user logout.rar

Dl that link and DONOT update the client just exit it

apply mu ung patch na nasa attachment ko para usable na ung "the revelations na ran ph client"
repack nyo lng ung bago na mapslist.ini sa glogic nyo para isa lng field server gamitin
ung param.ini ip nyan ay kung gusto nyo change decrypt nyo lang using rzcheck
edit with notepapad++

NOTE: When you use natz launcher DONOT click options and change anything because param will get messed up and not work (if anyone knows how to fix this please PM me) - PH client - ran ph patch.rar

guy eto na ung complete gui english naka align na rin ...try nio na lang^_^

strCountry = tw
strLauncherText = Launcher.xml
strGameInText = gameintext.xml
strGameExText = gameextext.xml
strGameWord = gameword.xml
strServerText = servertext.xml
strUIOuterCfg = UIOuterCfg.xml
strUIInnerCfg01 = UIInnerCfg01.xml
strUIInnerCfg02 = UIInnerCfg02.xml
strUIInnerCfg03 = UIInnerCfg03.xml
strUIExtCfg = UIExtCfg.xml ?zim5z4mm4en

I want to re share this korean server files! just check it out! then find the difference! ?urml5ynmaqy

CLEAN DATABASE ?jw1z1ggzmg3


MAKE these columns on dbo.UserInfo @ RanUser

UserAge - int - null
OfflineTime - datetime - no null - default value = 1970-02-01
GameTime - datetime - no null - default value = 1970-02-01

For taiwan server

Server Files I60SVCY3

CLEAN DATABASE ?jw1z1ggzmg3
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[Share/Dev] Ep4 Server Files Korea Version

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