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 Only In The Philippines: SmartBro Hack?

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PostSubject: Only In The Philippines: SmartBro Hack?   Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:26 pm

Spitted out by munky on January 3rd, 2009. Filed under: Pirata Talks

Here’s a simple hack that you will be able to use the SmartBro Service even if they had already cut-off your subscription.

Softperfect Research Network Scanner (Free)
Gentle MAC Pro 4.0

When you try to browse the internet you’ll be redirected to the SmartBro Portal right?
1. Run the NETSCAN .
2. Go to Options Menu then click on Program Options of NETSCAN.. shortcut ctrl-o.
3. Click Additional tab then check the Resolve MAC Addresses. click OK.
4. On the IP Range enter TO then click Start Scanning
5. It will display all the live IP addresses.
6. Run the MAC Address Changer.
7. Select any live IP Address that was detected by NETSCAN.
8. Use the MAC Address Changer to change your MAC address using the one you selected in NETSCAN.
9. Change your ip address using the corresponding IP address of the MAC address you selected in NETSCAN.
10. Now disable your network adapter then enable it back.
11. Try to browse the internet.

And Tweak your Smartbro Connection.

NOTE: Right now some places the hack works and some places ain’t working but this hack does works!
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Only In The Philippines: SmartBro Hack?

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